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When you hear the word syringe, your mind might think of something entirely different from what we are discussing today. Here, we are talking of blunt tip syringes that you can use to dispense THC oil.

There are different ways to use THC oil, including vaporizing, smoking, and can even be eaten because the THC is activated. THC oil syringes help you use the oil without spilling over. We are going to learn the following today:

  • How cannabis oil is made
  • How to use the cannabis oil  syringe
  • Where to get high-quality THC oil syringes in Colorado
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What Are Cannabis Oil Syringes?

Cannabis oil syringes are glass syringes containing full-spectrum cannabis oil. We are only going to talk about TS Labs syringes that we are currently producing.

Full-spectrum cannabis oil contains cannabis plant extracts, including terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils. The oil may contain up to 99% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

How Is Cannabis Oil Made?


One of the cleanest forms of extract, extracted with Co2, washed several times to eliminate up to 99% of Fats, lipids, waxes, and unwanted cannabinoids. This distilled oil can then have terpenes reintroduced back into it or left as is to make a flavorless distillate great for edibles.

Live Rosin

This extraction process is done with just water and is arguably the most flavorful oil. This process starts with fresh frozen material that is then ice water washed to freeze the trichomes and agitated to make the trichomes drop to the bottom of the ice bath and is then collected in micron bags. This process is done several times to ensure all THC trichomes are collected. Then dried and heat pressed to make a true full-spectrum product.

Co2 Oil

This process starts the same as distillate but finishes with a slightly different refining process. To put it simply, it is not refined as much as distillate to ensure all cannabinoids are still in the extract to help increase that full spectrum flavor.

How To Use a cannabis oil syringe

You can use syringes to refill vape cartridges, add to a joint or bowl, or even make your own edibles.

Just remove the cap, squeeze a glob onto your desired application and let it rip.

You can use the cannabis oil applicator by adding a drop or two into your food or drink or sublingually like a tincture.

How to use the applicator varies depending on the product you are using. Your budtender will guide you on the best applicants based on the type of oil you are buying. Product packaging might also give you guidelines on how to use the product.

The recommended amount of cannabis oil is an average of 25 mg per rice-sized “drop.”

Get THC Oil Syringes in Colorado Today

TS Labs brings you clean, consistent, flavorful products refined under the latest technology. Our experts bring you top-shelf full-spectrum Co2 oil, live Rosin, blends, and flavorless oil for edibles. Our THC oil syringes and applicators are best for dabbing, edibles, or refilling your cartridges.

Contact us today, get advice from our expert budtenders, and learn more about our products.


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