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The process of making cannabis distillate requires the highest level of expertise and best product standards to make it reach the desired potency. Understanding the production process ensures that you only buy clean products and have the right formulated ingredients for edibles and medicinal uses. If you’ve only just started exploring the world of THC distillate in Colorado, you’re in for a treat with TS Labs’ top-quality concentrates.

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THC distillate is a potent and versatile cannabis extract used as an ingredient in edibles and other cannabis products. The clear oil is obtained from a highly sophisticated and scientific technique called “short path distillation” that vaporizes cannabinoids and collects the resulting concentrate during cooling; this process of isolation and purification will leave only THC behind. The best thing about the process is that it removes all impurities, leaving only cannabinoids in the distillate. TS Labs repeats the process as many times as needed so that our final product is nearly 100 percent pure. As the product passes our in house quality control we can re-introduce the plants original terpenes or botanical terpenes or even no terpenes (for edibles) depending on the desired finished product.

THC Distillate Uses

As one of the more versatile concentrates, THC distillate can be used in a variety of ways, from vape cartridges to tinctures and topical applications. Because the distillation process removes the terpenes and impurities, THC distillate is also ideal for edibles.

CO2 Oil

CO2 is the cleanest solvent used in organic cannabis extraction, and because of this, CO2 extraction is a preferred method to produce an extra-clean cannabis extract. CO2 extraction begins with the CO2 gas compressed beyond its critical point so that it becomes a “supercritical fluid,” which is then applied to the plant matter, stripping away its cannabinoids and terpenes. This solution is then brought back to the pressure and temperature at which CO2 returns to gas and evaporates, which leaves behind the specific cannabinoids extracted out of the cannabis plant material. CO2 extraction produces a high-quality product because the CO2 gas reaches supercritical points at pressures and temperatures that don’t damage the cannabinoids and terpenes being harvested for the concentrate. Finally, the CO2 evaporates cleanly and does not contaminate the end product.

CO2 Oil Uses

The CO2 extraction process preserves the plant strain’s original cannabinoids and terpenes, and sometimes botanical terpenes are added, depending on the desired product. Co2 oil is most commonly used to produce everything from oils for vape cartridges to wax concentrates.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils found in the trichomes of female cannabis plants; trichomes are translucent glands that cover the surface of the flower. They can be profiled according to aroma, flavor, effects, and benefits. There are more than 150 terpene varieties but only some appear in cannabis most commonly:


Caryophyllene is responsible for a spicy, peppery bite in some cannabis strains, and is also found in other plants like basil, black pepper, and oregano. Because of the strong aroma, cannabis strains with strong levels of caryophyllene are often used for topical products like salves.


Often described as musky and earthy with notes of pepper and spice, Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis and is prevalent in most of the cannabis strains seen in today’s market, and is also found in hops, thyme, citrus, and mango.


Known for its lemon and citrus aromas, which explains why Limonene is also found in citrus fruits. Many claim the properties of limonene may offer some relief from certain feelings of anxiety and stress. Many other terpenes offer benefits to cannabis, including:
Every terpene has a unique profile, and TS Labs researchers work around the clock to develop combinations that deliver the best flavored CO2 oils on the market.

The Benefits of Distillation

At TS Labs, we love using this process for the following reasons:
  • Distillation refines the THC distillate to its purest form so that those intending to use it for medical reasons can make the most out of it in its cleanest form.
  • It delivers a versatile compound able to be incorporated into any form, such as an edible or a vape product.
  • Distillation gives us better control over the product flavor because we can manipulate the chemical composition in different stages.

Shop THC Distillate Now

When you want extra-clean distillate THC,  there’s no doubt that TS Labs could fulfill your needs in the Colorado area. We have a wide selection of cannabis concentrates suited for edibles, vape cartridges, tinctures, and capsules. Contact us to discover more uses for our products or browse the extensive range on our website.

Cannabis Distillate FAQs

Cannabis distillate is a strong type of cannabis concentrate that contains 99% THC. It is refined by using extreme heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids from the plant material.

Cannabis distillation begins with a cannabis plant. It undergoes a range of growth, harvesting, and processing steps to extract the cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

Cannabis plants need to be dried and cured correctly before extraction. Solvent extraction requires proper drying and curing. Extracts are often stored in freezers to preserve the terpene profiles until they are ready to sell. Winterization removes fats and waxes from the extract. Decarboxylation activates acid cannabinoids into their parent compounds.

Cannabis distillation produces an extract that is rich in cannabinoids. This extract is then refined into a THC rich product and can be refined multiple times to get a nearly pure product. Then depending on the end product, terpenes would be reintroduced into the extract.

Cannabis distillation equipment varies but there are many commonalities. Cannabinoids are purified by heating or cooling the cannabis oil to a specific temperature. Vaporized cannabinoids are condensed back into a liquid. Solvent removal is done using a vacuum system. Multiple passes are used to remove impurities.

Distilled cannabis is very potent. It comes in various forms such as edibles, topicals, oils, tinctures, and more. THC distillates are great for edibles because we can remove the taste of cannabis so the edibles won’t have a “pungent” taste.

Potency is the first thing people notice about our products. With our distillates, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a great tasting and potent product that can be used however they prefer to consume it. With its wide range of flavors and methods of consumption, it is easy to see why people would prefer to consume our THC distillates.


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