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What is Rosin? Cannabis rosin is a solventless concentrate. The rosin process preserves the cannabinoids and natural terpenes of the plant in concentrated oil form. If the term “rosin” makes you think of violins, that is because the process used to make cannabis rosin was initially developed to provide the rosin that coats a violinist’s bowstrings. For violins, the sap-like resin of certain trees is heated and pressed to create a block of amber color and wax consistency to rub along the bowstrings. With cannabis, heat and pressure produce a clean, solvent-free concentrate that you can dab, vape with, cook, or infuse into other things.
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What is Rosin?

Rosin is cannabis extracted using heat and pressure instead of a chemical solvent. It is the cleanest form of cannabis concentrate because it does not rely on chemical reactions to extract the cannabinoids. It also preserves all or most of the rich blend of terpenes in the cannabis plant. Whether made from hemp or recreational cannabis, rosin is a full-spectrum cannabis oil concentrate containing the origin plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile.

What is Rosin Made From?

  • Fresh or frozen buds (flower)
  • Trim (extra leaves and stalks)
  • Kief (trichomes that fall from the bud)
  • Hash (pressure-concentrated flower)
Rosin can be made from several types of cannabis. It can be pressed from fresh or frozen buds, concentrated from the hash, or even pressed from harvest trim or powdery kief. The quality and quantity of the rosin created will, naturally, rely on what you squeeze it from. Live rosin is made from cannabis frozen shortly after harvest instead of dried and cured.

How to Use Rosin

  • Dab
  • Vape
  • Cook Edibles
  • Infuse Flower Bowls and
  • Joints
You can use cannabis rosin and live rosin in three popular ways. The first is to dab in a rig or pen by heating a surface, then dropping a bead of rosin to vaporize and inhale. Also Live Rosin vape pens, which is a fast and easy way to smoke Live Rosin. You can also mix rosin into foods cooked at low temperatures to create marijuana rosin edibles. You can drip (or dry and crumble) rosin into your bowls and joints if you have a little flower.

How Much THC is in Rosin?

What is rosin’s THC concentration? When the cannabis flower begins, it usually has between 15% to 25% THC in the buds by dry weight. When concentrated into rosin using pressure and heat, the extracted full-spectrum oil contains closer to 75% or 85% by weight. THC in rosin is all the THC from the flower initially but pressed and concentrated just into the oil extracted from the plant matter and other cannabinoids and terpenes. Naturally, the lower-strength flower will produce lower-potency rosin THC and vice versa with extremely potent flower strains.

TS Labs Cannabis Rosin

We pride ourselves on cutting-edge rosin production at TS Labs, using only the finest live cannabis and bubble hash process. We use the latest equipment to refine our control over the concentration process. The TS Labs cannabis rosin production begins with frozen flower, never cured to preserve the terpenes that degrade in the drying process. We then use ice and water to create bubble hash from the frozen buds, the first two solventless concentration steps. We then take the clean bubble hash with much of the plant matter removed and use advanced rosin production equipment to apply the right heat and pressure. The oil pressed from the live bubble hash produces extremely clean, full-spectrum live rosin. We have refined the process to produce the most incredible purity, flavor, and quality in THC rosin production.

Get THC Rosin in Colorado Today

ts labs, top shelf labs, colorado conentrates, coloardo edibles, marijuana edibles, cannabis edibles, thc edibles, cannabis concentrates, marijuana concentrates Where can you find THC rosin in Colorado? You can get high-quality rosin in any dispensary that carries TS Labs products. Many dispensaries have a small selection of rosin alongside other dab-able concentrates. However, TS Labs live rosin is one of the few THC concentrates that does not lose terpenes or use solvents to create the concentrate. You can be confident that you will be enjoying 100% natural cannabis extract by asking your local dispensary for TS Labs THC rosin.

Cannabis rosin is seen as the most valuable part of the plant. TS Labs offers rosin products as another way for cannabis users to enjoy. Call (720) 797-6851 to learn more today!